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BryantGage Delivery Methodology
Client Advocate & Advisory Partner

Client Advocate & Advisory Partner (CAAP) Services:

Aligning Workday Best Practices & Client Operations

Leveraging industry insights and extensive experience to guide clients through the most effective use of Workday solutions. This includes optimizing business processes, enhancing system functionality, and ensuring that clients can fully benefit from Workday’s capabilities while ensuring operations continue to flow successfully.

SI Workday Delivery Methodology

Providing expert guidance on the strategic implementation of Workday solutions, utilizing a proven delivery methodology. This service ensures that the deployment of Workday solutions is aligned with the client's specific business goals and objectives for a seamless and efficient implementation process.

HR Transformation

Assisting clients in transforming their HR functions to become more strategic and value driven. This includes the review redesign of HR processes, policies, structures, and technologies to improve efficiency, enhance employee experience, and deliver better business outcomes.

SOW (Statement of Work) Deliverables Alignment

Ensuring that all project deliverables are clearly defined, aligned with client expectations, and meticulously documented in the Statement of Work. This service helps in preventing scope creep, managing project timelines, and aligning deliverables with the agreed-upon project outcomes.

Resource & Staffing Plan for Project and Daily Work Activities

Developing comprehensive resource and staffing plans to ensure that the right people are in the right roles, both for the duration of the project and for ongoing daily operations. This service includes planning for the transition from project teams to operational teams, ensuring continuity and the maintenance of Workday best practices.

Vendor Selection

Offering expert assistance in the selection of vendors and third-party service providers. This includes the evaluation of potential vendors, conducting due diligence, and negotiating contracts to ensure that any BryantGage client partners with providers that best meet their needs and budget.

Client Advocacy

Acting as a dedicated advocate for the client, representing their best interests in all dealings with service providers, vendors, and other stakeholders. This includes ensuring that client needs and concerns are addressed, facilitating communication, and working to resolve any issues that arise.

Liaison Services

Serving as the primary point of contact between the client and various stakeholders, including Workday, third-party vendors, and internal teams. This role involves coordinating communications, meetings, and updates to ensure that all parties are aligned and informed.

Preventative Mitigation Strategies

Implementing strategies and measures to identify potential risks and issues before they become problematic. This proactive approach includes regular reviews of project progress, risk assessments, and the development of contingency plans to mitigate potential challenges effectively.

By offering a comprehensive suite of services, Client Advocate & Advisory Partner (CAAP) ensures that clients can navigate their Workday implementation and HR transformation journeys with confidence, supported by expert advice and dedicated advocacy every step of the way. 
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